Active Ingredients


Copper is the trace mineral heavily associated with the formation and maintenance of elastic connective tissue, metabolism of iron, energy production within the cellular mitochondria, and production of melanin.


One of the most Important B Vitamins, Biotin has a role in maintaining the integrity of skin, hair and hooves, nutritionally its particularly relevant for hoof issues.


Magnesium has an important function in muscle contraction, nerve impulses, and energy metabolism, as well as being one of the major minerals present in the horse’s skeletal structure. It may also play a role in insulin resistance and equine metabolic syndrome.


Mannan Oligosaccharide - Pichia Guilliermondii yeast prebiotic that promotes the growth of beneficial bacteria in the hind gut. Aims to strengthen defense against health challenges by supporting and optimizing gut function, gut integrity and body defense responses, strengthening general health.


Working with vitamin B12, cobalt helps regulate and stimulate the body to produce certain enzymes and hormones, including thyroxine produced by the thyroid. It also assists in the production of hemoglobin, the red blood cells that carry oxygen throughout your body.


Zinc plays a crucial role in the metabolism of carbohydrates and proteins, and in bone development, and is important for healthy skin and hooves. Zinc deficiency can cause low insulin levels and reduced glucose tolerance leading to increased insulin resistance. Inadequate levels of zinc might also result in poor coat and hoof quality, and reduced immune function.


Selenium’s most important role in the horse’s body is as an antioxidant, working alongside vitamin E to protect body tissues from free radicals at the cellular level. It also has a function in controlling thyroid hormone levels, preserving muscle integrity, and maintaining the horse’s immune system.  Vitamin E is also vital to the reproductive, muscular, nervous and circulatory systems.


Vitamin A is crucial for proper function of proteins necessary for vision. It plays a role in differentiation of cells during growth, is important for proper muscle function, and helps keep mucous membranes healthy. It's also involved with reproductive function.


Boron is one of the most important minerals involved in bone and joint health.  It can increase mental alertness, reduce inflammation and help in the metabolism of key hormones. Inadequate boron intake is involved in inflammatory processes such as joint swelling and osteoarthritis.


Iodine’s only known function is as a vital contributor to the synthesis of the thyroid hormones, which affect every system in the horse’s body, including muscle metabolism and the nervous, respiratory, and cardiovascular systems.


The number one ‘limiting’ amino acid known to limit muscle development/topline also plays a role in production of hormones, enzymes, antibodies, collagen, elastins in bone matrix, skin, tendons and articular cartilage plus keratin protein in hooves, coat, mane and tail.


It’s known as a structural amino acid which means it’s found in all the proteins of the body, from skeletal muscle to haemoglobin, antibodies and enzymes. Also required for the initiation of building proteins in the body. Insufficient methionine can play a role in crumbling and cracking hooves.


A live yeast culture based on Saccharomyces cerevisiae which supports digestion by stimulating growth of beneficial bacteria in the hindgut. Excellent nutrient source providing benefits to gut health and immunity.


Silica is an important trace mineral that provides strength and flexibility to the connective tissues — cartilage, tendons, skin, bone, teeth, hair, and blood vessels. Silica is essential in the formation of collagen, the most abundant protein found in the body.


TB unbrushed, uncovered tail end of winter 2019 in her winter woollies.


Inside Out is a highly concentrated & targeted mineral, vitamin & amino formula containing key nutrients often deficient in the average horses diet, that offers great value for money.

With high copper & zinc levels and NO Iron or Manganese (commonly in excess), Inside Out works to help balance the mineral ratio's in the  whole horses diet.

​Feed only what you need, not everything but the kitchen sink!


1.2kg bag will last one 500kg horse 60 days.

Available in 1.2kg, 2.4kg, 4.8kg & 9.6kg sizes. 

For added Calcium & Phosphorus please look at Progeny which is the Inside Out formulation with added Calcium & Phosphorus specifically for breeding, young stock or equines that need this included.

QH prone to tummy upsets with changes in grass - mid summer Feb 2019


Inside Out Plus is an ALL - IN - ONE Supplement - The ultimate in health &  nutritional support.

Inside Out Plus is our original Mineral, Vitamin & Amino formula plus Yeast Pre & Probiotics, Magnesium & Binder.

By supporting & protecting Digestion, Inside Out Plus is a good choice for horses during times of increased stress or physical demands. Whether it be an increase in workload, health issues, feed and property changes or any event that requires a higher level of nutritional support.

2.4kg bag lasts a 500kg horse 70 days.

Available in: 1.2kg, 2.4kg, 4.8kg & 9.6kg sizes.

For added Calcium & Phosphorus please look at Progeny Plus which is the Inside Out Plus formulation with added Calcium & Phosphorus specifically for breeding, young stock or equines that need this included.

Arab Paint X previously susceptible to mild colic episodes. Feb 2019


A stronger more specifically targeted supplement aimed at providing healing and support to gut health, digestion and general immunity.

Inclusion of more targeted ingredients such as Marshmallow & Slippery Elm for healing and soothing of digestive tract and Glutamine & Threonine for gut health and support.

Ideal for horses that are impacted by grass fluctuations, mild ulcer symptoms, tummy upset, really loose stools/manure, recovering from trauma, injury, illness and on antibiotics/pain medication.

1.2kg bag lasts a 500kg horses 66 days.

Available in 1.2k, 2.4kg & 4.8kg sizes