Phosphorus supplement to correct deficient levels in diet or balance Calcium:Phosphorus ratios in the equine diet.

It is strongly recommended to have your pasture and/or hay tested to ensure correct supplementation.  A diet with too much Phosphorus and not enough Calcium has serious implications.  Not recommended for equines grazing oxalate pasture.

PHOS also provides magnesium in the form of oxide. Magnesium is commonly deficient and will also assist in balancing the Calcium:Magnesium ratio along with the Caclium:Phosphorus ratio, if Calcium is in excess. 

Symptoms of a diet low in Phosphorus especially if Salt & Copper needs have been addressed, potentially are chewing/eating wood fences, stripping/eating bark off trees, eating manure, licking concrete etc.  There can be other issues at play such as dental, gut, health and stimulation/happiness issues.


20g Phos provides:


2.7g Phosphorus

4.8g Magnesium

200mg Calcium

400mg Sulphur


Must be used in conjunction with a minerally balanced diet.