A quality custom low dose daily supplement forumlated for NZ conditions that provides commonly deficient Minerals, Vitamins and Amino Acids. High Copper, Zinc levels with no Iron, Manganese or Calcium included.

Each 20g dose includes:


Organic Copper 300mg Organic Zinc 600mg Organic Selenium 1mg Organic Silica 250mg Boron 65mg Iodine 1mg Cobalt 2.5mg Biotin 10mg Vitamin A 10,000iu Vitamin E 1,000iu Lysine 5g Methionine 2g


Includes no fillers. Apple Flavor & Dextrose for palatability.


Daily dose rate:

Maintenance 20g *High Stress 40g

Level Measure = 20g

Based on 350kg +


*High stress: Tested high Iron/Manganese pasture/water levels; Poor quality hooves, thrush, seedy toe; Poor coat quality and skin issues such as flaky skin, rainscald, mud fever; Poor immune system including ill health or recovering from injury/surgery; Shedding old/growing new coats, or grazing poor quality pasture.


    HHIO are already offered at very competative prices therefore if you select a subscription period please be aware that there is a no cancellation policy for all subscriptions.  The lower price is offered subject to you honouring the period in full that you select.  Your credit card will be charged on the day purchased and monthly thereafter for the period of either 3, 6 or 12 months. 

  • Eco Friendly

    Did you know? Both the 1.2kg & 2.4kg bags are fully biodegradable AND compostable!!  After a few purchases you can also opt for the no scoop option and reuse the ones you have already - save that pile building up in the feed room!  Although they too are fully recyclable.  HHIO - Leaving as small a hoof print as possible!

  • Extra Zinc

    Use this option if you have Iron issues, or need additional Zinc.  Most horses do really well on the 600mg, others on the 800mg.  Dark skinned horses generally do better on the higher. 

Eco Friendly
Extra Zinc 800mg
Price Options
One-time purchase
Multi Herd 6 Month
Subscribe & Save 5%
$31.50monthly/ 6 months
Multi Herd 12 Month
Subscribe & Save 10%
$29.75monthly/ 12 months


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